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Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

At Doane, we understand that the world cannot be divided up into neat categories.
It's a complex, interconnected web of places, people and events. 

To challenge yourself to understand it – and lead the effort to make a difference within it – you need innovative, interdisciplinary programs designed to help you connect the dots in your imagination.

This is why, in addition to majors structured around individual academic departments, a Doane education includes a variety of unique programs, including:

Our education is centered around flexible curriculum that changes with the times. It's broad thinking, passionate for exploration and discovery, focused on development of leadership skills, collaborative and incorporates the growth that comes from service learning and travel.


Doane University has an impressive tradition of Fulbright Scholarship recipients. Fulbright Scholarships are awarded each year to students, teachers, and scholars to study, teach and conduct research at international sites. Administered by the U.S. Information agency, the Fulbright Program began in 1946.