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Cannabis Studies

Cannabis Studies Department

An international innovator in cannabis education, Doane University's School of Innovative Learning launched their Cannabis Studies Division under the direction of Dr. Andrea Holmes. Through DoaneX students can receive three (3) certificate courses covering all aspects of the emerging cannabis industry. The division has expanded to offer credit-bearing undergraduate courses that can be taken by Doane students, or external learners and transferred to any post-secondary institution.

Doane University is the first school in Nebraska to offer a Cannabis certificate with endorsements from Agriscience Labs (Denver), and Precision Plan Molecules (Welby) in Colorado. To date, these courses have enrolled more than 14,000 registrants from 166 countries through DoaneX. Doane University is has partnered with other colleges and universities who have shared interest in cannabis curriculum. 

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Undergraduate Courses will be available after July 31st in our Catalog.

What is Cannabis Studies at Doane University?

The use of Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) by humans can be dated back to at least the third millennium BC. In America, Cannabis cultivation was started by the early colonists, who grew hemp for textiles and rope. At one point cannabis was criminalized and became a controlled substance in the United States. However, more states are legalizing medical and recreational use of cannabis.

Marijuana has long been used for spiritual, religious, medicinal, and recreational purposes. Hemp leaves and roots can be used for medicinal purposes and hemp flowers contain Cannabidiol (CBD), which may help treat conditions like pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

The current cannabis industry is composed of legal cultivators, farmers, processors, producers, consumers, testing labs, researchers, regulation, law and compliance, and ancillary products and services, like marketing, banking, business. This industry is the fastest-growing job sector in the country. Sustained job growth requires a skilled workforce for this rapidly growing industry.

Doane University’s Cannabis Studies offers accredited credit and non-credit based undergraduate courses and certificates that cover the history, biology, agronomy, medicinal aspects, testing, and processing methods of marijuana and hemp. The goal is to prepare students with tangible skills that are industry applicable so they can enter the workforce with valuable academic credentials.

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Cannabis Faculty

Andrea Holmes, Professor

Andrea Holmes - Professor

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Mark Orsag, Professor

Mark Orsag - Professor

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