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Institute for Human and Planetary Health

It is time to create a world where human activity supports and nurtures the planet, instead of distress it. The Institute of Human and Planetary Health brings together researchers and policymakers to transform the damage done to the ecosystem through modern industrialization and works towards sustainability. In this way, we can repair, protect, conserve and improve both Earth’s biodiversity and overall human health.

By promoting a sustainable lifestyle compromised of minimally processed plant-based diets, and restorative lifestyle medicine approaches; the Institute of Human and Planetary Health aims to:

  • Create resilient, healthy communities

  • Mitigate climate change through restorative agricultural practices

  • Protect freshwater sources

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • Shift the focus from expensive healthcare towards preventative and reversal measures through lifestyle and behavior changes

  • Prevent and treat chronic diseases without an over-reliance on pills and procedures

  • Educate on the restoration of human and planetary health

Doane University works closely with the Institute for Human and Planetary Health to bring educational resources and certificate programs to those who also want to create a happier and healthier world. View the IHPH webpage to learn more about the programs offered through DoaneX.

Institute of Human and Planetary Health Website