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Graduate Education

As a graduate student at Doane University, you will find your personal and professional experiences are valued in the classroom. Our high-quality faculty – professionals and academics in their field – recognize that the diversity of experiences of our talented students enrich learning.

All of this takes place in a program specifically designed for busy adults like you:

  • convenient class schedules
  • flexibility that allows you to keep your careers and family first
  • personal attention and support to reach your goals
  • opportunities to make lifelong connections of value

Our graduates have moved up in their careers. Achieved greater professional success. Challenged themselves intellectually and personally. Become the best in their positions. That’s why Doane is well respected by both graduates and employers.

Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction

Provides K-12 teachers with specialized skills to enhance teaching and learning in
their classrooms.

Initial Program at the Advanced Level for Certification 

Allows you to gain certification to teach through the Nebraska Department of Education. All courses are taught at the graduate level and may be used toward the Curriculum and Instruction master's program.

Master of Education in School Counseling

The mission of the Master of Education in School Counseling program is to prepare graduates to become competent school counselors through the ability to reflect, work collaboratively and respond to student needs.

Master of Arts in Counseling

The Master of Arts in Counseling program is committed to preparing students to be highly competent mental health counselors with the knowledge, skills, and competencies requisite for the effective and ethical practice of counseling. The course work and clinical experiences are designed to promote cultural awareness and the development of a professional identity as a mental health counselor. 

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Designed to prepare candidates for positions as assistant principals and principals to meet the challenges of today’s schools.

Education Specialist Degree

Designed for individuals preparing for leadership roles at the district levels of the education system.  The specific emphasis of the Education Specialist is the superintendency.

Doctorate of Education

Doane's Doctorate of Education (EdD) prepares candidates for leadership roles and is a practitioners' degree.

As educational requirements vary by state, students interested in these programs should consult the General Licensure and Certification Disclosure page prior to enrollment. Please be aware that states often have state-specific additional licensure and/ or certification requirements. Students considering relocating should contact their program representative in order to determine if the program meets the new state requirements.

Graduate Education Faculty and Staff

Tim Frey - Dean of College of Education

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Jessica Polt - Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Education

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Gabby Porter-Loving - College of Education Graduate Office Coordinator

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Cindy Gray - Associate Professor of Practice/Dir Ed Specialist Program

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Carrie Rath - Director of IPAL, Asst. Professor of Practice

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Bess Scott - Associate Professor of Practice

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Deb Stuto - Director of C & I Grad Prog With Rank of Asst Prof of Prac

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Cate Sommervold - Professor

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Teresa Perkins - Assistant Professor & Co-Director MEd EDL

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