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Doane University Enrollment Deposit

Doane University Enrollment Deposit

Doane has extended the deposit deadline to June 1 to accommodate future students whose lives and studies have been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Choosing a college is an important decision and we are happy to offer you more time. Please let us know how we can help you in your decision to attend Doane University.

What Does Your Deposit Do?

Your $200 Enrollment Deposit serves as your commitment to Doane University. Receipt of this deposit will automatically trigger a few other steps in the process:

  • Activates your eligibility to receive your Student Housing Packet including your Housing & Roommate form, and required Health Forms
  • Activates your eligibility for Enrollment Day Registration (available only to depositors)
  • Applies $100 of your deposit to fall tuition
  • Applies $100 of your deposit to secure your on-campus housing

The process listed above will not begin until your enrollment deposit has been paid. Your deposit is fully refundable until May 1.

Deposit Now

President Carter

As President of Doane University I am truly honored that you have taken the first steps in your college exploration process and are considering furthering your education with us. At Doane, our students “Earn Their Shield”. What does that mean, you might ask? To us, Earning Your Shield means promoting a campus environment that allows our students to create a life-changing, friend-making, learning experience that encapsulates so much more than just a degree. Earning Your Shield at Doane is unique because the little things make a big difference:

  • Feeling comfortable communicating with your professor. Our average class size of 11 students allows active participation among all students, giving you the best opportunity to thrive in the classroom.
  • A captivating, scenic 300-acre campus to call home that you need to see to believe.
  • An affordable education thanks to more than $21 million set aside for scholarships/financial aid given out to 100 percent of our students.
  • A guarantee that we will get you through our curriculum in four years (or less) giving you more time to earn a salary in the working world.
  • Opportunities beyond your imagination that allow a theatre aficionado to also be a shortstop, a singer to be a chemist or a researcher to also be a dancer.
  • A commitment from our faculty and staff to always put the student first, because that’s what we’re here for… you, the student.

We look forward to continuing to share the Doane experience with you during your decision-making process. As you progress through the final days of high school, we truly hope that you will love Doane as much as we do and choose to Earn Your Shield with us here at Doane!

Dr. Jacque Carter

President, Doane University