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Staff Bios

Isabel Henson

Isabel Henson (she/her)
Grade: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology
Extracurriculars: Student Congress, The Writing Center, Phi Sigma Tau, Relay for Life, and Track and Field
Plans for the Future: Law School
Favorite Piece of Writing: Meditations - Marcus Aurelius 
Hobbies: Listening to music, writing, reading, hanging out with friends, crocheting, fart noises (still funny after all this time) 
Favorite Tree: Weeping Willow
Favorite Clothing Material: Silk
Favorite Dinosaur: Gorgosaurus


Jadyn Vacha

 Jadyn Vacha (she/her) 
 Grade: Senior
 Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology
 Extracurriculars: Active Minds, The Writing Center, and Tiger Mentor
 Plans for the Future: Graduate school 
 Favorite Piece of Writing: The Mountain is You - Brianna West 
 Hobbies: Working out, Reading, Hanging out with friends, Photography
 Favorite Non-land Mammal: sea otter
 Favorite Flower: Sunflower


Liz van der Torre

Liz van der Torre (she/her)
Grade: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Exercise Science (Pre-Occupational Therapy emphasis); Math minor
Extracurriculars: Captain of Women’s Tennis Team, Historian of Cardinal Key Honors Society, Vice-President of Active Minds, Omega Psi Theta Sorority, Writing Center Consultant, Honors Program
Plans for the Future: Attend esthetician school to become certified in facials, waxing, etc. 
Hobbies: Tennis, working out, painting, spending time with friends, traveling, fashion, makeup.
Favorite Non-land Mammal: Sea Lion
Favorite Plant/Tree/Flower: Lillys
Favorite Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus


Brandon Linhart

Brandon Linhart (he/him/his)
Grade: Senior
Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology; Math minor
Extracurriculars: Men’s Tennis Team, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, TrIO, Writing Center Consultant, President of Global Involvement Club, Academic Chair of Alpha Pi Epsilon Fraternity
Plans for the Future: Attend Graduate School in the fall of 2023. After my Master’s Program, I intend to pursue my PhD. Finally, I would like to work at a research facility looking at conservation and human-wildlife interactions. 
Favorite Piece of Writing: Haikus
Hobbies: Tennis, Video Games, watching movies and tv shows
Favorite Non-land Mammal: Blue Whale
Favorite Plant/Tree/Flower: Tulips
Favorite Dinosaur: Velociraptor
Favorite Niche Subgenre: Fantasy
Favorite Clothing Material: Cotton


Ashton Brewer

Ashton Brewer (she/her)
Grade: Sophomore
Major(s)/Minor(s): Elementary and Special Education 
Extracurriculars: Community Advisor, The Writing Center, and SWAT
Plans for the Future: I plan to get my masters to be a speech pathologist! 
Favorite Piece of Writing: Where the Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens
Hobbies: Skiing, coaching, and reading. 
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers


Luke Henriksen

 Luke Henriksen (they/them)
 Grade: Senior
 Major(s)/Minor(s): Liberal Arts
 Extracurriculars: The GUILD, pep band, jazz band
 Plans for the Future: Writing professionally
 Favorite Piece of Writing: Dune - Frank Herbert
 Hobbies: Origami, Monster of the Week, D&D, Magic the Gathering
 Favorite Non-land Mammal: Fruit bat
 Favorite Plant: Venus flytrap
 Favorite Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus 
 Favorite Niche Subgenre: Indian folk metal
 Favorite Clothing Material: Cotton